The Weird Happenings Organisation (1991-1992)

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Craig joined The Weird Happenings in 1991 & were regular performers at The Woolwich Tramshed. With Skippy The Skin-Head Hippie on Drums, Chris Simson on Guitar, Guz on Bass & Bong on Keyboards Craig carried on contributing to the Crustyculture that he'd helped promote in Psycho's Mum.

E.Y.E at The Woolwich Tramshed

The Weird Happenings Organisation

Rehearsals were at Quay Sound Studios in Greenwich & Thames Polytechnic served as a base of operations.

With Skippy's imprisonment for selling LSD the band carried on with Paco (from Conflict) on drums. Skippy's release party at The Tramshed with The Brain of Morbius signalled a return to the original line-up of The Happenings with Craig leaving to form The Dangerous Bend Mirrors. Collaboration between Skippy & Craig carried on, however, culminating in The Dutch House Free Festival in 1992.

Few film & audio records exist of The Happenings. The photo (taken by Karen Robinson) is of Guz, Skippy & Craig at Sussex University playing a gig in front of a crowd taken to Brighton in a double decker bus. The whole experience made Cliff Richards look like the wanker he is! Summer Holiday? I should fucking Coco!

The Happenings' music was no nonsense Crusty Space Metal (harder than The Ozric Tentacles & a lot less subtle than Hawkwind). There was also the rudimentary beginnings of Hard Core Dance Music, break-beats & Acid Techno layered in with key-board loops.... a sound further utilised by Dangerous Bend Mirrors & then fully explored by Fuzznation, Revoltage & Sunsnake later on along Craig's musical path.

The lyrics were written by Craig, Bong & Skippy.

Other bands who have played on the same line-up as The Happenings have included Mother Gong, Sister Mary Elephant, Dreamstate & The Bomb Zombies.

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