Underdog (2001-2003)

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In 2001 Lord Snooty Deceased changed their name to Underdog & wrote a whole new set of songs. The transition was immediate & on April Fool's Day 2001 they released a studio CD quickly followed by the release of a live CD involving a legendary gig at Goldsmith's Tavern in Deptford.

They gigged extensively around London at venues like The 100 Club, TJ's in Woolwich, squat raves in Peckham & played at a free festival in Daventry sharing the line-up with Flat-Pig & The UK Subs.

Corporate Buildings - 11-9-11

Video at the Majendie Road Studios, Plumstead:
Slippery Scene - April Fool's Day 2001


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  Underdog (April Fools Day 2001)

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 Underdog Live (Goldsmiths Tavern 27 June 2001)
Slippery Scene
Vampire Parasite
New God Money
Take the Keys
Ours is Free
      Pitbull Hell
Find and Seek
Corporate Cock
Low Flyers
Year of the Snake

Their gig at The 100 Club was as support to The Bollock Brothers & A.T.V. The gig was staged just before 9/11. As an eerie coincidence The Dogs began their set with a tune called Corporate Buildings which warned of inevitable attacks on architectural symbols of wealth in the western world....

You scrape the sky with your eye,
With your eye for splendour,
Your towers rise with no disguise,
They rise high you freedom offender,
You stand there proud with what you know,
One day your empire is gonna blow.

Up go the corporate buildings,
Making everyone feel small,
It takes just this much to offend the eye,
Which means one day they're gonna fall.

You try & blind those with a mind,
To see that your pockets are lined,
I heard you herd your traffic slow,
That's why your sun is setting so low.

Up go the corporate buildings,
Making everyone feel small,
It takes just this much to offend the eye,
Which means one day they're gonna die.

They rehearsed & recorded at Majendie Studios in Plumstead for the best part of two years & kept the gigs local owing to a lack of transport & Mick Wood's obsession with Kestrel Super (a noxious 9% brew laced with barbiturates). Mick has drank (on average) around 7 or 8 cans a day for the best part of fifteen years now. As a father of 5 & a grandfather of 7 he makes Frank Gallagher off of the program Shameless look like Cliff Richards.


Gain individuality
Don't have a boss thats scare city
Don't have your own employee
Don't bow down to hierarchy
Every person shall be free..

-- Low Flyers

Oh my god what can I see
An arsehole's face on my TV
Relishing its hierarchy
Looks just like a prick to me
Tries to tell us we're all weak
Selling us its advert speak
Most of us can't really see
It aint the way for us to be..

-- Vampire Parasite

vampire parasite - liquify your brain

CDs are available - please [contact] me.

Underdog Alive
Underdog Alive


Turn off your TV,   ..or better still..
Kill your television

Craig & Jason
Craig and Jason Underdog

Mick & Boris
Mick and Boris Underdog

More Underdog
More Underdog


All the lyrics for the band were written by Craig. They also had the pleasure of DJ Smutley {Sunsnake} guesting as DJ & Scratcher on the odd occasion.

A plethora of studio & live recordings exist & there is limited film footage.

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