State 53 (1984-1986)

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State 53 were formed at the end of 1984 & lasted until 1987. The whole stance of the band was a fusion of leftfield Socialist Soul & Anarchist Punk Rock. The 60's Garage influence was carried on where The Hornets left off & this, mixed with the mixture of Sub-Motown & sub-Crass label sounds & sentiments, made for a contemporary feel shared by many acts at this point in history.

Videos recorded at Thames Poly Cellar Bar in Woolwich
Stepping Stone
Talk To The World
Kissed by The Rain

State 53
State 53

State 53 supported such luminaries as John Ottway, Skint Video, Terry & Gerry & even did two gigs in one night.... the first at Thames Poly {main hall} supporting Doctor & The Medics & the second in The Deptford Crypt supporting the original line-up of The Troggs!

State 53 2nd line-up
State 53 2nd line-up

The band also played venues like Gossips in Soho {also known as Alice in Wonderlands & Mega City 3} & Avery Hill College in Eltham.

The band's first line-up was Neil Tyson on guitar, Tim Foreshaw on guitar, Roy on bass, Frankie Fingers on sax & Gavin Macintosh on drums. The second line-up saw the debacle of Tim & Frankie. Soon after Roy left to be replaced by Pete {the size} Milsom.

Both photos were taken in Thames Poly Cellar Bar. The photographers were Michele Ruiz & Skippy The Skin Head Hippie. Both gigs were Miner's strike fund benefits. Tapes of gigs & rehearsals still exist as does some film footage.

The band's lyrics were written by Craig High & Neil Tyson.

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