Lord Snooty (1995-1998)

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Lord Snooty ran alongside The Missing Puddings, Whip The Minister, Revoltage & Sunsnake & provided Craig with the bulk of his gigs until Sunsnake started playing twice weekly in 1998.

Needle's Eye - at The Goldsmith's Tavern, Deptford
Just One Kiss - at TJ's in Woolwich
High Five - at TJ's in Woolwich
Again - at TJ's in Woolwich
The Passenger - at TJ's in Woolwich
Rock & Roll Wage Slave - at The Nuthouse in Bostall Woods, Abbey Wood

The first line-up (started at the end of 1995) saw Mick Woods on guitar & vocals (formerly of The Unknown Colours, The Bulbous Skunk Cabbages & Sister Mary Elephant amongst others), Bags on bass, Joe Rowan on drums & Craig High on vocals, clarinet, tenor recorder, tin whistle, harmonica, melodica & percussion.

Lord Snooty

The Snootys rehearsed at The Nuthouse in Bostal Woods in South East London & at Music City in New Cross. The music was a fusion of Space Metal & Dubfolk Punk. The lyrics were written by Craig, Mick & Adam Fosbury who preceded Craig as the singer of the line-up when they went under the name of Smell The Glove. From the outset they played a large selection of London pubs & clubs. Some of these included The Rock Garden in Covent Garden, The Red Eye in Camden, The Goldsmith's Tavern in Deptford, TJ's in Woolwich, The Pidgeons in Bow, The Walpole Arms in Woolwich, The Prince of Orange in Rotherhithe, The Woolwich Tramshed, The Million Hare in Woolwich Lower Rd, Macmillans in Deptford, The Ordnance Arms in Woolwich, The Bridge House in Bow (at a Hell's Angel's party) & The Rising Sun up The Old Kent Road.

After gigging near enough weekly for two years Joe Rowan left to join a Rasta Dub band & was replaced by Jason Smith (previous drummer with Dreamstate & Goon Squad).

The band started writing & rehearsing at Majendie Studios in Plumstead (Mick's house) & added to their two studio tapes (engineered at Music City by Andeeee) with a plethora of in-house recordings that increased in volume as the century drew to a close.

When Bags left to become a black cab driver he was replaced in 1998 by the Sister Mary Elephant bassist Boris (Steve Smith). He added computer equipment, sampling equipment & a larger mixing desk to Mick's studio & the band renamed themselves Lord Snooty Deceased (LSD).

They carried on playing live on a regular basis & had cut their own cd by the end of the twentieth century.

Before Bags left the band they played on the main stage at the first Exodus Free Festival near Luton in 1997. They shared the line-up with Tarantism, Transducer, The Inner Terrestrials (Paco's latest act), The Fighting Cocks, Headjam & a pick-up band formed by John P.A.I.N. (formerly of A.O.S.3).

Some of the bands The Snootys played with in indoor venues included Citizen Fish, The Missing Puddings, Sunsnake, Whip The Minister, Left-Hand, Girls On Top, Magik, P.A.I.N. (Propaganda And Information Network), RDF (Radical Dance Faction), The Brain of Morbius & The Balloons.

Their no nonsense hell for leather attitude led to the kind of infamy on the street that Iggy Pop would give his eye teeth for. Speaking of Iggy the Snootys did a kicking version of The Passenger which was always a crowd pleaser.

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