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Sister Mary Elephant

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Sister Mary Elephant ran from about 1986 to 1994. I sang under that banner for the first time this year (2006). Mick (Lord Snooty & Underdog) was always the guitarist & lyricist & singer of that band.

Video at the G8 demonstration in Edinburgh:

They were often on the same line up as some of bands I was in (Dangerous Bend Mirrors, Psycho's Mum). I sometimes guested with them onstage through the nineties. Apart from Mick & Boris (also of Snooty Deceased & Underdog) many people played with the Elephants. Bong (keyboardist with The Weird Happenings Organisation) played keyboards with them in the late eighties. Chris Tredwell (who I composed a coupla cds with in 99 & 2000) played guitar in The Elephants as well as other bands with Mick.

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Sister Mary Elephant
 The Restart E.P. (2006)
Nuclear Reactor Sellafield Mutation Blues (Ogg - 5.9Mb)
Ghost Train from Hades

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