The Missing Puddings (1995-to date)

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Craig joined The Missing Puddings in 1995. The band had already been formed by Joe Bazouki (the compare on the Outside Theatre Stage at Glastonbury every year the stage has been set up there). Joe Bazouki had hitherto been in the seminal band Friends of the Monster. Apart from his solo performances The Puddings exist to this day with Joe dividing his time between them & The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (last seen on Jools (Toad of Toad-Hall) Holland's 2004 Hootenanny).

The Missing Puddings
The Missing Puddings

It's hard to sum up ten years of gigging. Some of the events involved have included The Foal Farm Animal Sanctuary Free Festival near Biggin Hill (an annual booking for The Puddings), The Deptford Albany Empire, The Tudor Barn at Well Hall, West Greenwich House, The Ordinance Arms in Woolwich, Goldsmith's Tavern in Deptford, T.J.'s in Woolwich, The Deptford Urban Free Festival, The Greenwich Inn, The Lewisham Labour Club (which New Labour shut down & sold off when it came to power in 1997), The Woolwich Tramshed, The Chelsea Folk Club & The Ivy House in Peckham.

More Puddings
More Puddings

The music has always erred on the side of Eastern European style folk with whimsical lyrics by Joe & Leanne Bower. The line-up has constantly been in a state of flux (hence the name Missing Puddings). The solid core of performers have included Macey Mitchell & Craig Murdoch on percussion, Leanne Bower on bazouki & vocals, Joe on bazouki & vocals, Mark Foulds on percussion, Craig High on vocals, clarinet, melodica, recorder, tin whistle, harmonica & percussion, Gideon Payne on harmonica, Richie Budd on Bass & Hippie Paul on melodica.

The Puddings have done countless benefit gigs & Joe is known to give out big big prizes. These have included spinach plant seeds, commemoration coins, shades, wall-flower seeds, Mexican hat plants & woad seeds.

Even More Puddings
Even More Puddings

Four studio audio tapes exist & there have been two cd releases (the latest one being completed in 2004). There is also plenty of film footage in existence.

The photos were taken by Pam & Norman High (black & white), Richard Phipps & Mike (Smutley) Bowditch.

At West Greenwich House 2000
West Greenwich House 2000

Joe Bazouki & Mark Foulds are also regular workers for The Lewisham Music Workshop Group which sets up music therapy sessions with people with extreme physiological & mental conditions.

Craig, Joe & Jim (Music City) put a pick-up band together in 1995 & played a memorable gig in front of a selection of some of the most individual human beings nature has ever conspired to create. Although there was a lot of very loud screaming each guest's helper assured the musicians that it was all received very well.

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