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Rail & Tube: London Bridge/New Cross & New Cross Gate then 343 Bus.

“Mad Pride” is a campaigning group of creative artists & musicians who are seeking to challenge negative stereotypes given to those suffering emotional distress that are in some way labelled as “mad”

In the same way “Gay Pride” set out to ask what's wrong with being gay “Mad Pride” asks what's so bad about being mad? Some of the most creative people in the world have been labelled “mad”. That is not to say that we don't accept that people do suffer distress but we question whether the psychiatric system is really designed to care for or to manage otherwise disruptive individuals.

Public ignorance of the realities of mental health issues lead to stigma for those given mental illness labels & fear of them.

“World Mental Health Day” is an international & annual event aimed at promoting awareness of & positive public attitudes to mental health issues. It seems only right to have a “Mad Pride” event for “World Mental Health Day” as a celebration of creative lunacy.

We are presenting a day of “off the wall” entertainment by a selection of distinctly inspirational poets, performers & musicians. Some are survivors of the mental health system & others sympathetic with the aims of “Mad Pride”. All those performing are giving their services for free in support of “Mad Pride” & therefore the event is free admission.

Among the artists featured will be Frank Bangay presenting poetry, music & creative thoughts from park benches, pound shops, Tescos, Sainsburys & other “inspiring” places. A co-founder of “Survivors Poetry” Frank is a well known published performance poet & creative writer accompanied by guitarist Tundi Busari.

Zolan Quobble {aka Chris Cardale}.... long established local performance poet & writer.

Emil Sercombe.... completely bonkers poet & performer. He is a long established member of the performance & poetry circuit using elements of mime & physical theatre.

Lloyd Lindsay.... “still learning to live & learn” a brilliant, expressive rhythmic poet.

O'Matsu.... In Buddhist terms there is no other kind of mind like this. Vivacious, exotic & exciting rising star poet & mother of 4. She is an intense performer reflecting hope in the face of experiences of stigma & abuse.

King Miserable {aka The Skull Man}.... Rarely performing poet/lyricist with cult status as the vocalist of legendary South East London band “The Dispossessed” .

The Bulbous Skunk Cabbages.... Long established South East London psychedelic weirdness. Sadly defunct for some years but recently resurrected. A treat for your head.

Pnevma.... Psychedelic Acid Punk Band dealing with contemporary social & political issues. They include ex-members of “Sunsnake”, “Headjam”, “Lord Snooty Deceased” & “Whip The Minister”.

Joe Bazouki & The Missing Puddings.... New wave folk band with Eastern European leanings planting a tongue firmly in the cheek of austere puritanical elitists who haven't got a clue when it comes to letting their hair down. Social commentary with a light hearted touch led by The Lewisham Music Workshop Group's most prolific carer. Joe Bazouki has worked with some of the most extraordinary cases of physical & mental “individuality”.

The Long Decline.... Long time stalwarts of “Mad Pride” events. Featured on the first “Mad Pride” cd “Nutters With Attitude” . “The Decline” are post Punk ironic Pop as Eastern European influences meet the avant guard. They include ex-members of “The Swell Maps”, “The Dispossessed” & “The Shock Headed Peters”

“Mad Pride” has been in existence for a number of years & has staged many events in London & other parts of the country involving established artists of some status. For example long established South East London band “Alternative TV” have played a number of “Mad Pride” events. They are also featured on “Nutters With Attitude”.

Oct 10th marks the first “Mad Pride” event in South East London. Since we are featuring well-established South East London artists it is hoped this event will be the first of many.

South East London is & always has been a hotbed of creative talent. It is hoped that this event & others that will hopefully follow will provide opportunities for the exposure of creative arts as well as promoting the ideas & aims of “Mad Pride”.

The Ivy House was felt to be the local venue as it is just around the corner from Peckham Rye where the poet William Blake {considered mad by some} saw his visions of angels which seems somehow appropriate.

The Landlord {George} has let us use the venue for free. He is supportive of the aims of the event & he is keen to get the community to make more use of his pub. The Ivy House is becoming established as a popular local venue.

We would like you to partake in a visionary experience of your own by coming along & being amazed by the dazzling display of crazy creative talent that will be on display. Admission is completely free so why not come along & check it out.

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Projections on the day will be provided by “Flickering Light” {aka Dave Eyre}.... A long standing artist, sculpter & film maker heavily involved in the South East London Underground scene. Film will also be provided by “S&G Films” {aka Pete & Rachel of “The Bulbous Skunk Cabbages”}. They are obsessive & fanatical film makers of some years experience delighting fringe audiences all over London.

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