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UPDATE - August 2015:

2 new poems by Kiran

Feb 2014:

Many bands now with complete albums online

September 2013:

The Psychedelic Warlords

July 2013:

New Poem by Kiran

The Strange Agency new album Strange One out now.
Strange Agency Strange One

The Strange Agency played Cosmic Puffin in May on the MyChoonz Stage

Feb 2013:

New videos for the Strange Agency

January 2012:

New Videos and pictures for the Strange Agency


High Cigar - Lost Cities - Gunpowder Plot Remix

5 November 2011:

High Cigar - Control


New Videos for the Strange Agency

September 2011:

New Videos for the Strange Agency, Underdog and Fuzznation

August 2011:

A Strange Agency video from Jackdaw2 - 13 August 2011
Two videos from the South West Youth Fest 23 July 2011

May 2011:

Fluxus Paradigm and Three Clowns and a Cart now published in paperback.
Another two poems by Kiran

July 2010:

Most bands now have links to videos on YouTube
New band The Strange Agency

June 2010:

Two new poems from Kiran
9 videos added for Whip the Minister
video added for Lord Snooty

April 2010:

Three Clowns and a Cart

Feb 2009:

Three new poems by Kiran

Jan 2009:

pictures and updates: Not the only Clown in the Village

Mar 2008:

New band: Not the only Clown in the Village
Poem by Kiran

Feb 2008:

the 14th High Cigar album: The Regime Change EP
Two new Poems by Kiran

Nov 2007:

Two new High Cigar albums The Munster Mixes and UFO Rinse Out

July 2007:

New pictures for Sunsnake, Dangerous Bend Mirrors, Psycho's Mum, Fuzznation and Druids Revenge.

June 2007:

High Cigar albums

February 2007:

The Life Swap they didn't show

November 2006:

Never mind the Bollocks... Here's Jerry Cornelius and new poems by Kiran.

September 2006:

Many new poems by Kiran.

July 2006:

Poems by Kiran.

March 2006:

Big Brother and the Arena of Death story, Craig and Friendz DVD 1985 - 1999, Syd by High Cigar and more poems by Kiran.

12 Dec 2005:

The site is getting quite big, so its been broken down into sections. Hope you like it..

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