The Hornets (1984)

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The photo was taken at The White Swan in Kingston early 1984.

The Hornets

The regular clientele of first generation Teddy Boys let Craig et al put on Punk & Space Rock gigs every Wed. Barry Powell's band Pleasure in Pain were also on the bill on the night in question but unfortunately nobody took a photo of their set. Graham Birch who took the original of the above was not about during Barry's act.

The White Swan was The Hornets second gig. The first (Craig's first ever gig) was at a garden party in Surrey. Somebody must have hated the hosts because the booking & subsequent noise-fest ended in the cops being called & the sound being turned off. No one could remember why nobody was nicked because all band members were too pissed to recollect the night in detail. The White Swan was the next night in front of a home crowd who really dug it.

The Hornets' line-up was Craig High on vox, Fast-Hand Dave on guitar, Neil Addiss on base, Simon Walker on drums, Simon Holioke on vox & Tony Dyson on keyboards.

The sound was 60's Garage meets 70's Punk head-on.

No recordings are left in existence as far as we know so any news to the contrary would be extremely welcome. Neil Lesley engineered one demo for The Hornets in 1984 but Craig's copy was half-inched at a party a year later.

The band's lyrics were written by Craig High.

The band split early 1985.

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