Druids Revenge (2006 to date)

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There is no track listing for this disc. Apart from the covers (I think Ghost Riders In The Sky is the only one in fact). All the rest are made up as we go along or unamed experimental tracks yet to be formalized.

Summertime Beat Happening
Ervine The Bard - The First Landing On Medusa

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Druids Revenge
 Summer Solstice 2006
track08 (Ogg - 2.3Mb)

Steve Pyart is a 52 year old who has only been playing for a coupla years. I think it is reasonable to say he is a first generation Welsh Hippy.

Bertie is a 47 year old ex-member of Nik Turner's Allstars & a compare for The Lost Vagueness Organization who are the coolest thing at Glastonbury when it's on.

Val is a Beatnik in her mid-sixties as is Betty & they've been playing for decades. They won't play in formal bands & try not to encourage recording since they truly believe in the Beatnik "Live For Now" ethic. They grudgingly allowed this recording.

Pete Wey is a worldly travelled 50 something who comes from our neck of the woods.

Noj was one time anchor-man of the Nutters Cafe (mainstay of reasonably priced vegan food at Glastonbury every year) he has now decided to trade in his apron for a guitar.

Gypsy Phil

Gypsy Phil is a 54 year old Welsh Romany Gypsy who's recently come back from the Canadian Rockies where he's lived in virtual solitude for 25 years. His hands are exactly twice the size of mine. This is a man whose swam with killer Whales & befriended Grizzlies (I kid you not!) Handy having Anarchists like Phil on the team. He is to the Romany line what Big Ken was to the Nordic line. He's a Peyote Shaman to boot.

Jungle was one time minder for Madonna & editor of a Hip Hop magazine he is the first man to put a Gay magazine on the net (way back in the early nineties.) He's now ploughing his cash into Cerebral Jukebox (our burgeoning Film production company).

Dai Wynn Jones is another Welsh Traveller who lives in a trailer (as does Phil) that overlooks a panoramic view of the Preseli Mountains that looks like a giant naked woman. He sits in his bus under the spell of the Earth Goddess rarely venturing out.... He plays live with all manner of pick-up bands. Played with a Punk band at some festy last year. He's 56.

Eddie Wynn Jones is his 19 year old son. He is a labourer & bass player of rare dedication. He also has a dead cool motorbike.

Gypsy Phil, Jan and Nik Turner 3 Sept 08
Gypsy Phil, Jan and Nik Turner

Craig 3 Sept 08


Chris, Dai, Wyn and Bertie 3 Sept 08
Chris, Dai, Wyn and Bertie

Chris and Bertie 3 Sept 08
Chris and Bertie

Cliff 3 Sept 08

Ervine 3 Sept 08

Jim 3 Sept 08

Nik Turner 3 Sept 08
Nik Turner

Pete Wey and Eric 3 Sept 08
Pete Wey and Eric

Phil and Jan 3 Sept 08
Phil and Jan

Steve in space
Steve in space

Adrian 7th of the 7th 2007
Adrian 7th of the 7th 2007

Craig 7th of the 7th 07
Craig 7th of the 7th 07

Craig High 7th of the 7th 2007
Craig High 7th of the 7th 2007

Dai Wyn Jones 7th 0f the 7th 2007
Dai Wyn Jones 7th 0f the 7th 2007

Gareth 7th of the 7th 2007
Gareth 7th of the 7th 2007

Steve 9th of the 9th 09
Steve 9th of the 9th 09

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