Not the only Clown in the Village (2007 to 2009)

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Life begins at Cancer
 Life begins at Cancer - 2008


Integrity with Nik Turner at the Cellar Bar, Cardigan
Genocide Rush with Nik Turner at the Cellar Bar, Cardigan
GM Baby - in Amsterdam and in the Preseli Mountains, West Wales
Genocide Rush - in Amsterdam and in the Preseli Mountains, West Wales
Vampire Parasite - in Amsterdam in and the Preseli Mountains, West Wales

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The Credit Crunch EP
 The Credit Crunch EP - St Davids Day 2009
Credit Crunch
Gencide Rush
Too much money in Football

Craig's inaugural gig with The Clowns was at The Queen's Hall in Narberth, West Wales in Dec 2007 in front of a couple of hundred punters, largely of the teenage variety. Sendelica, Order 66, Regime and The Monty Pirates were also on the line-up.

Craig compered the event and gave away chocolate Santas on sticks, Hawkwind and Devo DVDs, clown masks and tangerines as big big prizes.. "Not The Only Clown in The Village" have been through a few line-up changes over the two years since their creation at the beginning of 2007.

Between the 10th August and the 1st of September 2009 Not The Only Clown in the Village did a street and club tour of Bruges and Amsterdam. They set up five battery powered 30 Watt amplifiers and unleashed their particular musical brand of social commentary on an unwitting public. They were largely successful and the public dug The Clown's stance.

In Amsterdam Sept 2009 - Not the only Clown in Amsterdam

Dam Square in Amsterdam

RoboDock 2009

RoboDock 2009

Vondel Park Amsterdam

The Police were confused as to whether The Clowns were theatre or Rock and Roll. The police subsequently argued amongst thenselves on more than one occasion and The Clowns were either allowed to continue or told to pack up. Only on two occassions were The Clowns threatened with arrest and told that they could have their equipment impounded. On both occassions The Clowns were allowed to pack up and scarper.

RoboDock 2009

Inddor venues involving 5K PA systems included "Winston's" in the heart of The Red Light District of Amsterdam, The Tricky Theatre which is a burlesque canal boat in The Dam, Club Twisted on the outskirts of Amsterdam and Batavia which is a bar in the centre of The Dam and was its first ever brothel.

RoboDock 2009

The Clowns ended their tour at The ADM Traveller's Festival where they joined many other cutting edge acts from around the world as well as linking up with many former members of the "Peace Convoy" who had left Britain at the end of the 20th century and sought political asylum in Holland and Spain. Overall the tour was a blinding success and The Clowns have been invited back to play Amsterdam later in the year. To sum up Not The Only Clown in the Village successfully played 21 gigs in 21 days and wrote a few new tunes as well as reviving an old favourite of Craig's... "Pitbull Hell"

RoboDock 2009


Mind fuck hot breath pit bull hell,
Know that smell and know it well,
Propagandist TV scum,
Also have that evil hum,
Thee church of the cathode ray,
Slurping sucking no pay day,
Keep the bailiffs far away they're the pit bull hell we say,

TV snack whack attack,
Don't look back at ack ack,
Whip crack MP says it all,
Fag ash fag butt public school,

Bite the hand that under feeds,
Bite it so it fucking bleeds,
Kick the junk and feed the needs,
So the soil and reap the seeds,

Dog owns dog owns dog owns dog,
Turn the screw and turn the cog,
Main frame game too lame to log,
Feed the bureaucratic hog.

Jonsky out of the band Leggofingers played bass for a while and Jason out of Johnny Action Finger and The Monty Pirates has guested on bass and guitar. Nik Turner has also guested on saxophone and flute.

Nik Turner - Not the only Clown in the Village

At the start of 2008 a new line-up reared its head. Robin Benson (anchor man of TidyLike Records and The Narberth Rock School) on guitar and vocals, Tess (formerly the singer with Brother Vegetable) on drums, melodica, accordian and vocals, Bowen (guitarist of Order 66) on bass and Craig High (State 53, Psycho's Mum, Dangerous Bend Mirrors, Weird Happenings, Fuzznation, Whip The Minister, Revoltage, Sunsnake, High Cigar, The Missing Puddings and Pnevma amongst others) on vocals, clarinet, tin whistle, tenor recorder, percussion and harmonica.

Robin and Catagramma at the Milford Haven Gig 16 April 2009
Robin Benson Catagramma Zelphante

Catagramma at Milford Haven
Catagramma at Milford Haven

Raggin Charlie at Milford Haven
Raggin Charlie at Milford Haven

Craig at Milford Haven
Craig at Milford Haven

Ervine recites - 8 March 2008
Ervine recites

Not the only Clown in the Village

Our first gig with the 08 line-up was at Letterston Memorial Hall in West Wales on Match 8th. Robin on guitar, bass, vocals and kazoo, Tess on melodica, accordian and drums, Craig on vocals, clarinet, tin whistle and percussion, Bowen from Order 66 on guitar and bass, Nik Thunder Rider Turner of Hawkwind and Inner City Unit fame on sax and flute and Ervine The Bard reciting space poetry.

Nik Turner - Not the only Clown in the Village

2008 saw this Dubfolk Punk ensemble play a plethora of interesting events. Some included The Blue Rock Festival in The Preseli Mountains of West Wales, The Triple C Classic Truck Traveller's Free Festival in Camarthenshire, The Queen's Hall in Narberth, on the same line-up as such local luminaries as Sessionhead, Supergene and Johnny Action Finger, The Cardigan Castle Cafe Cellar Bar with the Surf-Punk band The Ray Guns and a sustainable energy traveller's conference in the town hall in Newport near Fishgaurd. The Clowns also played Bonkersfest in and around Camberwell Green in London as part of The Mad Pride organisation. Other bands on the bill included Gertrude, Powersteppers (ex Zion Train), Unity and Devision, Fuck Off Batman and the inimitable Maggie Nichols.

Zelphante - Not the only Clown in the Village Robin Benson - Not the only Clown in the Village

In 2009 the Clowns saw yet another line-up. Tess and Bowen left after musical differences between Tess and Robin. Craig and Robin continued with Raggin Charlie (from Messaround Sound) on drums and Andrew Kitchen (aka Catagramma Zelphante) on bass.

The Clowns have released three cds.

The LP "Life Begins At Cancer", featuring Robin, Craig and Jason Action Finger, was released in 2008 as a tribute to Robin's brother Ben who has died of cancer. His attitude and resilience was an inspiration to us all.

Zelphante - Not the only Clown in the Village
Not the only Clown in the Village
Raggin Charlie - Not the only Clown in the Village

Their second cd, The Credit Crunch EP, was released in 2009 and featured Craig, Robin, Raggin Charlie, Andrew Kitchen (Catagramma Zelphante) and Jason Action Finger. This was quickly followed by The Credit Crunch LP with the same line-up.

Raggin Charlie - Not the only Clown in the Village

Robin split this incarnation of Not The Only Clown In The Village with a decision to move to Holland in the Autumn of 2009 and has since returned to Wales and has continued the constantly changing line-up of The Clowns.

After writing an autobiographical novel concerning their experiences in Amsterdam. Craig formed The Strange Agency in the pursuit of a more constant and stable musical project.

Craig_and_an_avocado_shakerRobin Benson - Not the only Clown in the Village

Uncle Yuk Yuk has been hatched!

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