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Born 27th July 1969 @ Queen Charlotte's Hospital. Schooled @ Wendell Pk. Primary, Shepherd's Bush and Fulham Cross Secondary for girls, Fulham. BSc {Hons} Combined Sciences {Energy Studies & Physics}, Brighton Polytechnic. MSc Radiation Physics, University College London & PGCE Primary Education, University of Greenwich.

Worked for The Inner London Education Authority as an Administrative Assistant in 1987. Worked for The Department of Transport as an Administrative Assistant in 1988 & 1989. Worked in a betting office as a cashier in 1990 & 1991. Worked for The Office of Fair Trading as an Administrative Assistant in 1992. Worked for Inland Revenue as an Administrative Assistant in 1993. Worked in St. Thomas's Hospital in London as a physicist in the radiology department in 1994 &1995. Worked in The Department For The Environment as an Administrative Officer in 1995. Worked in The John Radcliff Hospital in Oxford as a physicist in the medical physics department in 1995. Worked at the Thames Barrier as a vdu operator in 1995 & 1998. Worked as an Assistant Sound Engineer at Goldsmith's Tavern in Deptford in South East London in 1998. Worked as a Primary School Teacher in Gallion's Mount Primary School in 2000 & 2001.

Extra Curricular activities have included running a curry stall @ Fordham Park Free Festival in Deptford in 1993. Performing as a High Priestess in the Psychedelapunkaglammajazzabilly band "Whip The Minister" @ Fordham Park Free Festival in Deptford in 1995. Visiting Mars as part of an alien abduction in 1996. Performing as a dancer in a classical Indian Kathak performance for Lotus Arts in South East London in 1998. Have promoted both Kathak & Kathakali gigs for Lotus Arts in 2002. Performed as a Dominatrix raising the Queen Mother from the grave in a voodoo ritual designed to exorcise her spirit from the society she ripped off. The performance containing this ritual was presented by the Acid Techno band "Sunsnake" @ The "Fringe" club in Vauxhall in London in 2002. Have written poems, monologues & kept an extensive diary.


Craig was built from an organic sex toy kit that Kiran purchased while visiting one of the subterranean cities of Mars during an alien abduction in 1996.

The list of bands he has sung, blown and banged in include….

The Hornets. State 53. Running on Empty. Psycho's Mum. The Queen Mum's Balsawood Teeth Experience. The Weird Happenings Organisation. Goatbeard The Dry Leper. Dangerous Bend Mirrors. Dorsal Root Ganglion. Fuzz Nation Lemmings. Fuzznation. Whip The Minister. Impossible Stress Factor. Tryptich. Lord Snooty. Lord Snooty Deceased. The Missing Puddings. Revoltage. Sunsnake. Underdog.

He has played in pick-up bands with such luminaries as Nik Turner, Nick "The Bevis Frond" Saloman, Phil & John P.A.I.N, John "Headjam", Kay "Ullulator" of "The Balloons" & Billy "southside" Jenkins. He's played support on tour with "Conflict", played support to such history-makers as The Troggs, Dr. Feelgood, The Cardiacs, Dr. & The Medics, Blue Cheer, ATV, Alabama 3, The Trojans, Here & Now, The Grateful Dub, Nik Turner's Allstars, Man, Citizen Fish, Tutan Skamoon and Back to the Planet.

He has been a performer and joint organiser at numerous free festivals including Fordham Park Free Festival, The Dutch House Festival and The Exodus Festival and has the dubious pleasure of playing in the last amplified set at the far from free festival @ Glastonbury in the Twentieth Century {Sunsnake on the "Lost Vagueness Stage" between 6 & 8am on the Mon. morning}. There is a bootleg cd to prove this & many many witnesses.

Craig has written 3 & a half novels, is working on a "virtual" Underground magazine & arts directory called The Vulture & has recorded many cd's, a sprinkling of vinyl and four solo discs under the name High Cigar.

He has also been a Clerical Officer for The Social Security Department, a builder's labourer, a Humanities Graduate, a part-time porter in an art gallery, a personnel officer for Lewisham Council, a part-time cleaner in Eglington Primary School in South East London, a Housing Advisor in The Homeless Person's Unit in Woolwich in South East London and a publicity worker in the Music City Rehearsal and Recording complex in New Cross in South East London. He has also been a fund-raiser for The South East London Musician's Collective and has helped organise many gigs and raves {both legal & illegal}.

Kiran is pleased that he has completed many of the tasks laid out in the instruction manual that came with him in his packaging when she made her purchase in one of the subterranean cities beneath the surface of Mars. Only recently have his sperm sacks been operating at their maximum production levels and Kiran is pleased with the results after a period of uncertainty that nearly led to him being returned to his makers with a very rude letter of complaint.

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