Full-time bands (many now with complete albums online)

Electric Craig
The Hornets (1984)
State 53 (1984-1986)
Psycho's Mum (1986-1991) album online
The Weird Happenings Organisation (1991-1992)
Dangerous Bend Mirrors (1992-1994)
Fuzznation (1994-1995)
The Missing Puddings (1995-to date)
Whip The Minister (1995-1997) album online
Revoltage (1997-1998)
Lord Snooty (1995-1998)
Lord Snooty Deceased (1998-2001) album online
Sunsnake (1998-2003) album online
High Live (1986-2001) album online
Underdog (2001-2003) album online
Kiran High (2002) album online
Pnevma (2002-2007)
High Cigar (2002-to date) albums online
Druids Revenge MP3 (2006-to date)
Not the only Clown in the Village (2007 to 2009)
The Strange Agency (2010 to date) Updated
The Intemperance Six (2011 to date)
Doctor Locust (2013) - page coming soon
The Psychedelic Warlords (2013) New

DVD Craig and Friendz DVD 1985 - 1999

Pick-up Bands and Jams

Wicked Faeries of Chaos Harvest Fayre in West Wales 1994.

Bands that only played together a few times

Only Joking (1984)
The Queen Mum's Balsawood Teeth Experience (1991)
Goatbeard the Dry Leper (1992)
Dorsal Root Ganglion (1994)
Riff Finder General (2000)
Kill Debt (2004-to date)

Bands Craig has guested in

Running on Empty (1985)
The Feckin' Ejits (1985)
Impossible Stress Factor (1994)
Triptych (1994-1995)
Nik Turner's Toot 'n Ska Moon (1995)
Headjam (1998)
Sister Mary Elephant MP3 (1986-1994 and 2006) New

Apart from these there have been numerous jams involving all kinds of people from other acts. I have played with members of P.A.I.N, R.D.F, THE BEVIS FROND, HAWKWIND, THE OUTSKIRTS OF INFINITY, THE FLYTE REACTION, THE OZRIC TENTACLES, THE SPACE PIRATES, THE BALLOONS, INNER CITY UNIT & BHANG 2 RITES, amongst many others.

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