All of those people mentioned in this book not only bear a resemblance to people alive or dead but are people alive or dead. The events that occur are absolutely real as far as I remember them. The only names that have been changed are those of the three clowns at the centre of the narrative. This is because their real names just don't sound clown enough.

Three Clowns and a Cart

Thanks to Robin and Andrew for providing me with such excellent literary material.

Thanks to The Hamster, Mark Brayford, Daniel Peacock and Jay Novello for their support and encouragement.

Thanks to my wife Kiran without whom I may never have played outside the UK.

For my kids Lilith and Taron and my Mum and Dad Pam and Norman High.

Three Clowns and a Cart

In memory of Barry Powell 1964-1989 without whom I may never have written a lyric or sung in a band.